U.S. lawmakers again in airline payroll help

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – a bipartisan administration agreement announced by U.S. lawmakers on Sunday will provide new financial support to U.S. carriers that will allow them to restore more than 32,000 workers on leave to pay by March 31, sources briefed on the matter said.

The aid is crucial for the transport area in apackage reserved for covid-19 mitigation.

Amtrak, the country’s largest railroad company, is expected to go all the way to public travel guides and public States, said a senior Democratic aide.

The announcement should additionally incorporate huge changes in the way the Federal Aviation Administration guarantees that new aircraft will be due to two accidents of type Boeing 737 MAX in Indonesia and Ethiopia, which have killed 346 people, stated three assistants in the legislation, but the subtleties explicit were not quickly accessible.

The sources refused to be recognized, as the subtleties of the bundle still do not appear to be officially revealed.

With avionics only after five months of campaign anger – initially from the associations of aviation and later the state and aircraft-that have supported that the company desperately needed a new government aid too, while demand remains on the move, overridden by the pandemic COVID-19. U.S. travel managers have also warned that without new government aid, they could be forced to drastically reduce their aid and their work.

U.S. carriers surpassed 32,000 workers in October after a six-month rescue operation that expired in September. 30. American Airlines alone has 19,000 representatives on leave, United Airlines more than 13,000

The U.S. Department of Transportation said that U.S. tour operators had 368,000 specialists daily in October. 15.

The employees of the freight forwarders will be paid retroactively in December. 1 and the planes should continue to fly some courses that they interrupted after the expiration of the line package, said the legislative partners, who were informed of the discussions. The employees of the freight forwarders may not be on leave as an auxiliary state until 31 March.

Aircraft should receive assets around 10 days after the bill is flagged, sources said.

The new assistance program is being called to reflect the program approved by Congress in March that forced the largest airlines to repay 30% of long-term financial rewards and offer warrants to the authorities. It is also expected to integrate the less important flight needs.

US airlines are losing real money every day, with passenger numbers down nearly 70% year-on-year, while cancellations are on the rise, according to industry anteroom Airlines for America.

Congress in March approved another government effort for aircraft and suspended some aerospace extraction costs until December. 31.

According to the authorities, the new transport package will also be integrated for the Terminals and terminal traders, temporary workers in the Terminals and private coaches, school transports and ship operators.