U.S. current vaccination drive goes to nursing homes

(Reuters)-the U.S. government and two of the country’s largest drugstore chains are launching a cross-border mission on Monday to vaccinate nursing home residents against COVID-19, seven days after the country’s main approved vaccinations began to go to health care workers. The program is the latest effort to control a pandemic that has killed more thanRead More

Biden to get Covid vaccine soon as U.S. inoculation attempts mounts

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President-elect Joe Biden plans to receive a free infusion of covid-19 antibodies on Monday in a bid to boost confidence in his well-being ahead of its widespread release in a year. Biden has vowed to make the fight against Covid, which has massacred more than 300,000 Americans and corrupted more thanRead More

U.S. requested to compute frontline essential employees as allocation of Moderna shots starts

(Reuters) – a warning council proposed on Sunday that basic workers and individuals aged 75 and older in the United States should be vaccinated next, while the circulation of vaccination by Moderna Inc. the second Covid antibody, the nation began. The Advisory Committee on the practice of immunization of places of control and Prevention ofRead More

U.S. officers eye current time strain in UK, urge alertness

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – the United States has confirmed that the new strain of COVID-19, which originated in the United Kingdom, numerous U.S. officials said on Sunday that it was confused whether the change in variation had moved toward America. “We have no idea yet. Of course we are… with a careful eye on it, ”Read More