Originality. AI Creates AI Content Detection for GPT-3 and ChatGPT – Interview with the Founder Jon Gillham

Originality.AI is the first AI-trained content detector and plagiarism scanner in the world. TechBullion will have Jon Gillham, the founder, sharing more information with us.
Tell us about yourself.

Jon Gillham is the founder of Originality. AI. I have been involved in digital marketing with a focus on content marketing for over a decade. MotionInvest.com is a website brokerage that allows people to buy and sell content sites. Before Originality, I was the owner and operator of a content marketing agency.

What is Originality.AI? And what are your unique solutions?

Originality.AI is an AI content detector that detects plagiarism and checks for it. It was created for serious web publishers.

It is the only AI detector that can detect GPT-3. It is highly effective in detecting ChatGPT-generated GPT-3.5 content. It is the best terminator for identifying other AI.

It is a plagiarism detector that provides functionality that serious web publishers and content agencies need but is currently out of stock.

Management of teams
Dashboard and a history scans
The site scans will be available soon
API (coming soon)

What is Originality.AI, and who is it for?

This web application is intended for web publishers and content agents who want to ensure that their content is original. Originally refers to content not copied from another source and not created by AI.

This API is available to anyone who wishes to integrate AI detection into an application and be able to flag potential AI content.

Highlight more about the consequences of plagiarism and duplicate content. Why is this taboo?
Web publishers are concerned that their writers may be using AI-generated content.

Google has now acknowledged that this is a problem.

They don’t want to rank AI-generated content that doesn’t add value.
They use algorithms to detect AI-generated content.
These two points should lead any web publisher worried about Google traffic to fear that their content has been AI-generated.

Academic institutions are investigating students using ChatGPT and GPT-3-related tools to create AI content. They are also worried about the possibility that they pass it off as their work.

We would love to know more about the Originality.AI platform. How does it work?

Originality.AI created the AI using extensive training data from all three popular NLP models (GPT-2 and GPT-NEO), as well as a variety of other datasets (GPT-J, GPT-3, and GPT-3). The dataset was used to train our AI to determine if AI created the content. A 500-word piece of content was tested, and the accuracy was:

GPT-3 Detection Accuracy: 94.06%
GPT-J’s detection accuracy is 94.14%
GPT-Neo’s detection accuracy is 95.64%.
ChatGPT content can also be detected by the AI, as demonstrated.

Is Originality.AI compatible with other tools?

Integrations with platforms such as Shopify or WordPress are currently not supported.

We will release an API to allow users to integrate the AI content detection functionality in their content production workflows or other applications. Educational institutions can also use the API to detect whether students submit AI-created work.

How does Originality.AI assist a content agency in managing large teams and ensuring that original content is being created?

Before starting Originality.AI, we owned a content agency. We faced many challenges with plagiarism-checking tools.

We required the ability to add/remove team members and verify that scans were valid for our clients. Unfortunately, this is not available at the moment.

How vital is Originality.AI to website buyers?

Website buyers need to assess the risks of a website before purchasing it. The content on a website makes up a significant portion of its value. It is essential to determine the risk of copying content before buying a website. The buyer is at greater risk if the content has been copied or was created entirely by AI.

It takes a lot of time to scan a site one article in a while, just like other tools. This means that website buyer will only review the top 20%.

The bulk scanning tool Originality.AI has been developed. They must type the URL, and both the Plagiarism and the AI Originality reports will be displayed.