Google Photos has released a memory collection called “Best of Autumn 2022”

Google Photos has the latest AI-generated Memory flipbook, “Best of Autumn 2022”, which is currently being released.
We’ve seen Google Photos increase custom Memories collection instances over the last 12 months. This is in addition to the “story” pane at the top of the gallery app. This results in more personalized content, which is collated according to the context of your photos or videos.

All of these collections can be found in the top carousel section of Google Photos. They may also include collages or AI-generated short videos. Google Photos has started offering “Best of” selections every year since early 2022. These are usually grouped by yearly seasons. You should see the latest season when you launch Google Photos on your device.

Like all previous collections, the photos and videos that Photos select to be their “Best of Autumn 2022” may differ from others. Although I don’t have many images from this time of the year, I see autumnal colors like reds, oranges, and browns.

There might be regional variations depending on where you live. The southern hemisphere is heading into summer, while the northern hemisphere is soon entering winter. Google pushes Photo Books for each Memories image, with the “Preview Book” option at the bottom left of every fullscreen preview.

It can take time to determine what criteria an image must meet to be selected for the Best of Autumn 2022 Memory Collections. These collections are entirely random and are based on what photos you have taken. There is no direct correlation to the year images uploaded or backed up to Google Photos.